Online resources and in-depth investigations on the social, ecological and political impact of French transnational corporations.

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Why the need for a multinationals Observatory?

Because information on the practices of transnational corporations and their social, ecological and political impact is too critical to be left to the communication departments of these companies.

Because reliable and comprehensive information on the practices of French transnational corporations is too rare and too dispersed. And because this information too often remains shrouded in financial and managerial jargon, PR spin – or just in simplistic accusations.

Because information from different sources, giving voice to workers and local communities, is essential to ensure that transnational corporations’ operations make a positive contribution to (or at least remain compatible with) democracy and social and environmental justice.

Because in France, there currently exists no independent information gateway and resource centre on the practices of transnational corporations (particularly French ones).

What do we offer?

The Multinationals Observatory aims to provide independent and comprehensive information, with a democratic, social and environmental perspective, in a way that is useful for the action of civil society, MPs, businesspeople and communities.

Our website features:

  • In-depth investigations on the social, ecological and political impact of major French transnational corporations worldwide.
    For example, original investigations on the implication of French companies in land-grabbing, on the privatization of water in India, on the financial involvement of French groups in American politics, on French companies and large dams...
  • News and suggested links on issues of corporate social responsibility, unions and freedom of associations, lobbying and economic policies, privatization, economic alternatives, etc., especially where French companies are involved.
  • A “dashboard” documenting the social, environmental and political footprint of a range of major French corporations.
  • Thematic reports, for instance on the garment industry, tax havens or on nuclear energy.

Who are we?

The Multinationals Observatory is published by Alter-médias, a French non-profit organisation which also publishes the news website Basta! (www.bastamag.net). For its initial phase, the Multinationals Observatory receives financial support from the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation. Through Alter-médias, the Multinationals Observatory also receives funding from various private and local government sources, in addition to donations from readers and other own resources.

How can you contribute to our work?

Contact us to share information, suggestions and contributions. Readers’ financial support is also essential to ensure the durability and independence of the Multinationals Observatory.

Contact: observatoire@multinationales.org