GAFAM Nation. Big Tech’s web of influence in France

Rapidly increasing lobbying expenses, revolving doors, secret contacts at the Elysée Palace, financial partnerships with media, think tanks and research institutions... A dive into the formidable lobbying and influence machine of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Facebook in France.

  • 14.10.2020 • Covid

    Allô Bercy? Corporate Welfare in a Time of Pandemic

    The French government offered unprecedented financial support to businesses in response to the Covid pandemic, and large corporations of the CAC40 stock index have greatly profited from it. With very few strings attached, whether in terms of dividend payouts or of climate commitments.

  • 30.01.2023 • National champions?

    CAC40: the true annual report, 2022 edition

    Super-profits, GHG emissions, taxation, dividends and share buybacks, jobs, pay, discrimination, dealings with political authorities... The 2022 edition of our “true annual report” of CAC40 corporations is a thorough, data-based exploration of major French corporations and their role and impact both in France and globally.

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