25.04.2023 • Megamerger

Monopoly power versus public service

Huge fees for bankers, lawyers and lobbyists, crony capitalism and conflicts of interests, profit extraction on climate funds and essential services... An analysis, commissioned by Public Services International, of the controversial takeover of Suez by Veolia, one year on after the deal was completed.

  • 30.01.2023

    GAFAM Nation. Big Tech’s web of influence in France

    Rapidly increasing lobbying expenses, revolving doors, secret contacts at the Elysée Palace, financial partnerships with media, think tanks and research institutions... A dive into the formidable lobbying and influence machine of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Facebook in France.

  • 21.02.2023 • Influence

    The CAC40’s web

    As part of our “true annual report” of CAC40 companies, we analysed the make-up of the boards of directors of the 40 corporations in the flagship Paris stock market index. Our findings help explain the remarkable cohesion and solidarity of French big business, as well as the web of influence it has woven in the media and in French society at large.

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