Crédit agricole

Funding of fossil fuels, financial speculation... Is the "green bank" all that green?

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  • N° 2 of banking in France
  • N° 3 of banking in Europe
  • N° 10 of banking globally

Profits and dividends (million €)

Wages and turnover (2021, million €)

Greenhouse gas emissions (including funded emissions)

CEO pay

2,6 million € (2021)

Pay ratio between CEO and average worker

25 (2021)


52,7 % of employees 37,5 % of executive committee (2021)

Lobbying expenses declared

1,9 -2.4 million € (Paris and Brussels, 2021)

Share of subsidiaries in secret jurisdictions

23,5 % (2019)


77 795 Globally 36 319 In France (2021)
  • Website
  • Headquarters Montrouge, France
  • Leadership Philippe Brassac (CEO), Dominique Lefebvre (chairman of the board)
  • Shareholders SAS rue La Boétie (57.08%)
  • Board members Dominique Lefebvre (chairman of the board), Raphaël Appert (SAS rue La Boétie), Agnès Audier (BCG), Olivier Auffray (regional representative), Pierre Cambefort (regional representative), Marie-Claire Daveu (Kering), Daniel Épron (regional representative), Jean-Pierre Gaillard (regional representative), Nicole Gourmelon (regional representative), Françoise Gri (consultant and administrator of companies), Jean-Paul Kerrien (regional representative), Marianne Laigneau (Enedis), Christiane Lambert (FNSEA), Christophe Lesur (regional representative), Pascal Lheureux (regional representative), Alessia Mosca (Professor, former MEP), Gérard Ouvrier-Buffet (regional representative), Catherine Pourre (consultant and administrator of companies), Louis Tercinier (regional representative), Catherine Umbricht (workers representative), Éric Wilson (workers representative), Pascale Berger (censor for regional sections), Sonia Bonnet-Bernard (censor), Hugues Brasseur (censor)
  • Key subsidiaries LCL, Crédit Agricole CIB, Amundi, Caceis, Indosuez
  • Main countries France, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Egypt, Morocco, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United States

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