Dassault Systèmes

A subsidiary of the Dassault Group, which specialises in 3D software, is one of the most generous of all CAC40 for its executives-shareholders.

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Tous les chiffres


  • N° 3 software publisher in Europe
  • 1st software publisher in France

Profits and dividends (million €)

Wages and turnover (2021, million €)

Greenhouse gas emissions

CEO pay

44 million € (2021)

Pay ratio between CEO and average worker

395 (2021)


27,7 % of employees 38,5 % of executive committee (2021)

Lobbying expenses declared

0,3 -0.5 million € (Paris and Brussels, 2021)

Share of subsidiaries in secret jurisdictions

13,8 % (2019)


20 496 globally (2021)
  • Website
  • Headquarters Vélizy-Villacoublay, France
  • Leadership Bernard Charlès (CEO), Charles Edestenne (chairman of the board)
  • Shareholders Groupe Dassault (40.18%), Charles Edelstenne (5.96%), Bernard-Charlès (1.72%), MFS (over 2.5%), BlackRock (over 2.5%).
  • Board members Charles Edestenne (chairman of the board), Bernard Charlès (CEO), Pascal Daloz (deputy CEO), Hervé Andorre (workers representative), Xavier Cauchois (consultant, ex PwC), Catherine Dassault, Laurence Daures-Lescourret (Professor at ESSEC), Odile Desforges (ex Renault), Soumitra Dutta (Pofessor, Oxford), Tanneguy de Fromont de Bouaille (workers representative), Marie-Hélène Habert-Dassault (Groupe Dassault), Toshiko Mori (Professor, Harvard).
  • Brands 3DS
  • Main countries France, United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany

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