The world leader in health and food testing has joined the CAC40 index following the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Tous les chiffres


  • 1st globally for health analysis labs
  • 1st in the world for biological tests

Profits and dividends (million €)

Wages and turnover (2021, million €)

Greenhouse gas emissions

CEO pay

1,2 million € (2021)

Pay ratio between CEO and average worker

26 (2021)


51 % of employees 25 % of executive committee (2021)

Lobbying expenses declared

0 non declared (Paris, Brussels and Washington, 2021)

Share of subsidiaries in secret jurisdictions

16,3 % (2021)


57 992 doubled since 2017 (2021)
  • Website
  • Headquarters Luxembourg
  • Leadership Gilles Martin (founder, chair and CEO)
  • Shareholders Martin family (33%)
  • Board members Gilles Martin (chairman of the board and CEO), Yves-Loïc Martin, Valérie Hanote (ex wife of Gilles Martin), Fereshteh Pouchantchi (banker and lawyer from Luxembourg), Patrizia Luchetta (consultant, administrator of comapnies and former top civil servant in Luxembourg), Pascal Rakovsky (administrator of companies, ex PwC Luxembourg), Ivo Rauh (ex TÜV Nord, Dekra), Evie Roos (SES, ex ArcelorMittal)
  • Key subsidiaries Biomnis
  • Main countries France, United States, China

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