Based in Limoges, the electrical equipment heavyweight keeps a low profile but knows how to cultivate its market power.

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Profits and dividends (million €)

Wages and turnover (2021, million €)

Greenhouse gas emissions

CEO pay

3,75 million € (2021)

Pay ratio between CEO and average worker

85 (2021)


38 % of employees 40 % of executive committee (2021)

Lobbying expenses declared

0 -10 thousand € (Paris, 2021)

Share of subsidiaries in secret jurisdictions

9,1 % (2019)


38 207 globally (2021)
  • Website
  • Headquarters Limoges, France
  • Leadership Benoît Coquart (CEO), Angeles Garcia-Poveda (chair of the board)
  • Shareholders MFS (9.99%), BlackRock 5.15%)
  • Board members Angeles Garcia-Poveda (chair of the board), Benoît Coquart (CEO), Olivier Bazil (former executive), Isabelle Boccon-Gibod (administrator of companies, ex Sequana), Christel Bories (Eramet), Sophie Bourdais (workers representative), Daniel Buisson (workers representative), Jean-Marc Chéry (ST Micro), Edward A. Gilhuly (ex KKR), Patrick Koller (Faurecia), Michel Landel (ex Sodexo), Annalisa Loustau Elia (Printemps), Eliane Rouyer-Chevalier (consultant), Gilles Schnepp (former CEO), Florent Menegaux (Michelin)
  • Main countries United States, France, Italy, China, India, Brazil, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia

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