The company born from the collapse of Areva has refocused on uranium, from mining to waste management, without addressing the problems of the past.

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  • N° 2 miner of uranium globally
  • N° 3 in the word for uranium enrichment
  • Website
  • Headquarters Châtillon, France
  • Leadership Philippe Knoche (CEO since 2014), Claude Imauven (chairman of the board since 2020)
  • Shareholders French state (80%), Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (5%), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (5%), Natixis (fiduciary, 10%).
  • Board members Claude Imauven (chairman of the board, ex Saint-Gobain), Philippe Knoche (CEO), Bernard Bastide (workers representative), Philippe Braidy (civil servant, Areva SA), François Delattre (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Luc Gervaud (workers representative), François Jacq (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique), Anne-Sophie Le Lay (Air France, ex Renault), Patrick Pelata (consultant and administrator of companies), Marie-Hélène Sartorius (administrator of companies), Cécile Sellier (DGA, French Ministry of Defence), Marie-Solange Tissier (French Ministry of Finance), Bruno Vincent (APE, French state representative).
  • Key subsidiaries Somaïr, Cominak
  • Former names and companies absorbed Areva, Cogema
  • Main countries France, Niger, Canada, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Germany

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