Ghosn scandal, Covid-19, pollution standards, Russia... The automotive group has had to face several crisesin recent years, and its workers have been the first to pay the price.

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  • N° 9 of the automotive industry globally
  • Website
  • Headquarters Boulogne-Billancourt, France
  • Leadership Luca de Meo (CEO since 2020), Jean-Dominique Sénard (chairman of the board since 2019)
  • Shareholders French State (15.01%), Nissan (15%), Capital Group (5.06%), employees (3.61%)
  • Board members Jean-Dominique Sénard (chairman of the board, ex Michelin), Luca de Meo (CEO, ex Fiat and Volkswagen), Catherine Barba (investor in e-trade), Frédéric Barrat (workers representative), Miriem Bensalah-Chaqroun (Eaux Minérales d’Oulmès), Thomas Courbe (French Ministry of Finance), Marie-Annick Darmaillac (Vivendi, former judge), Bernard Delpit (Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, ex Safran et PSA), Noël Desgrippes (shareholding employees representative), Pierre Fleuriot (consultant), Richard Gentil (workers representative), Frédéric Mazzella (Blablacar), Eric Personne (workers representative), Yu Serizawa (consultant), Pascale Sourisse (Thales), Joji Tagawa (Nissan), Martin Vial (APE, French government representative), Annette Winkler (ex Daimler)
  • Brands Lada, Dacia
  • Main countries France, Spain, Romania, Russia, Morocco, Turkey

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