Co-owned by Dassault and the State, this pillar of the French military-industrial complex is increasingly investing in digital technology and surveillance

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  • N° 8 of the arms industry globally

Profits and dividends (million €)

Employees in France and globally (End 2021)

Greenhouse gas emissions

CEO pay

2,39 million € (2021)

Pay ratio between CEO and average worker

25 (2021)


27 % of employees 20 % of executive committee (2021)

Lobbying expenses declared

1,1 -1.4 million € (Paris, Brussels and Washington, 2021)

Share of subsidiaries in secret jurisdictions

17,1 % (2019)


47,6 % of turnover (2021)
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  • Headquarters Tour Carpe Diem, La Défense
  • Leadership Patrice Caine (CEO and chair of the board since 2015)
  • Shareholders Bpifrance (25.67%), Dassault Aviation (24.62%)
  • Board members Patrice Caine (chairman of the board and CEO), Charles Edelstenne (Dassault representative), Bernard Fontana (Framatome), Delphine Gény-Stephann (ex minister, ex Saint-Gobain), Philippe Knoche (Orano), Philippe Lépinay (shareholding employees representative), Armelle de Madre (Datadog), Emmanuel Moulin (Ministry of Finance, government representative), Anne Rigail (Air France), Loïk Segalen (Dassault), Anne-Claire Taittinger (investissor), Ann Taylor (former British miniser and Lord), Eric Trappier (Dassault), Marie-Françoise Walbaum (administrator of companies), Anne-Marie Hunot-Schmit (workers representative), Frédérique Sainct (workers representative). Joël Barre (Ministry of armies), Jean-Luc Sourdois (Ministry of armies) and Marielle Marichy (workers council representative) have a consultative role.
  • Key subsidiaries NavalGroup, Thales Alenia Space
  • Former names and companies absorbed Thomson-CSF, Gemalto
  • Main countries France, Germany, Australia, Canada, United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom

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