• Freedom of Information

    Trade secret, SLAPPs, threats on whistleblowers, government transparency, corporate media… Freedom of information is under attack.

  • Climate & Greenwashing

    Promises, hypocrisy, false solutions and vested interests. What’s really behind big business’ massive communication on climate issues?

  • Lobbying & Influence

    Privileged access to decision-makers, revolving doors, biased experts… A look at how corporations seek to capture our democracy.

  • Alternatives & Local Responses

    Remunicipalisation, relocation, economic alternatives... What if the best way to curb the excessive power of corporations was to do without them?

  • The Corporations-State Nexus

    Favorable tax regimes, corporate welfare, financial and diplomatic support... Governments all too often put themselves at the service of big business.

  • Concentration & Oligopolies

    Rising prices, abuse of dominant position, squeezed suppliers and captive customers... Our economy is increasingly under the sway of a handful of corporate giants.

  • Corporations and the Law

    Lawsuits against corporations, trade agreements, investment arbitration and legislations to address corporate impunity... The law is a battlefield.

  • Workers’ Rights and Freedoms

    Freedom of association, workers’ participation and expertise, health and safety, management models... What if workers and their central role were properly recognised?

  • Anything missing?

    The Multinationals Observatory has been dissecting corporate abuse for years, and always keeps an eye open on new angles and new issues that may arise. Let us know if you feel we’re missing something important.

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