• Foreign influence?

    The Koch-funded Atlas Network is also targeting Europe

    The influence of the Atlas Network – a web of libertarian and ultraconservative think tanks funded by billionaires such as the Kochs – has been well documented in the US, the UK, and more recently Argentina following the election of Javier Milei. Its growing presence in the EU has been less examined.

  • Fossil Fuels

    TotalEnergies: This is what a total phaseout looks like

    New report by and the Multinationals Observatory outlines how to reclaim control over the fossil fuel industry

  • Climate versus arms industry

    Critical raw materials for whom?

    Publicly presented as climate-friendly legislation, the Critical Raw Materials Act has turned into an "open bar" for industry.

  • Megamerger

    Monopoly power versus public service

    Veolia’s hostile takeover of Suez reflects a corporate strategy to extract “super-profits” from essential services and the climate transition

Multinationals Dissected

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