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CAC40: The True Annual Report (2020)

Dividends, climate, jobs, lobbying ... and Covid-19. The Multinationals Observatory presents the 2020 edition of CAC40: The True Annual Report, its yearly dissection of major French corporations from an economic, but also social, ecological and democratic point of view.

Published on 10 December 2020

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Parts of the publication are available in English:

 Allô Bercy? Corporate Welfare in a Time of Pandemic (Chapter 1)

 The Exorbitant Pay of CAC40 CEOs (And What’s Behind It) (Chapter 2)

 Carbon Emission Reductions an Illusion (excerpt from Chapter 3)

 Men Still Dominate Leadership Positions (excerpt from Chapter 5)

 Twenty Years On: How the CAC 40 Has Changed Since 2000 (excerpt from Chapter 6)

 17,000 Subsidiaries, 15% Based in Tax Havens (excerpt from Chapter 6)

The full publication is available in French here.

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