Alternatives & Local Responses

Remunicipalisation, relocation, economic alternatives... What if the best way to curb the excessive power of corporations was to do without them?

Big business is increasingly seen as the only option and the only way. Industrialisation, globalisation and privatisation policies have all contributed to global corporations gradually taking over large parts of our economy and our very social fabric, at the expense of smaller, local businesses and public services. With the social and ecological limits of this model becoming more and more obvious, elected representatives and citizens are now trying to (re)build alternatives.

All over the world, elected representatives and citizens have initiated a remunicipalisation of public services in sectors such as water, energy and many others in order to put an end to the abuses of the private sector, but also and above all to regain control of their future and respond to today’s ecological and social challenges in the best possible conditions. At the same time, citizens and entrepreneurs - particularly in the social and solidarity economy sector - are seeking to develop alternative economic models that are more local, more resilient and more equitable, where wealth is not siphoned off to distant shareholders.

However, large corporations are determined to preserve their positions. They do this by blocking alternatives (such as organic food, renewable energy, etc.) until they can appropriate them, and by using the law and their political influence to protect their interests.

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