Climate & Greenwashing

Promises, hypocrisy, false solutions and vested interests. What’s really behind big business’ massive communication on climate issues?

On the surface, all major corporations have now converted to the cause of protecting our climate. But are they really sincere? Are the "solutions" they put forward, generally based on technology or market mechanisms, real solutions? Who will pay the price and who will reap the benefits? Behind the rhetoric and apparent consensus, there is a muted battle for influence over the shape and ambition of the "ecological transformation" that everyone seems to be calling for.

Big business talks a lot about climate, but what is it actually doing? This is the first question that we are trying to answer by looking at the actual actions of French corporations, in particular the large emitters of greenhouse gases such as oil major TotalEnergies. This also involves monitoring their actual lobbying on climate-related issues, which are often much more backward-looking than their public communication.

Faced with this deluge of climate pledges and promises, we need to take a hard look at the solutions put forward by corporations: are they credible? Will they really contribute to a significant reduction in emissions? Who will benefit from them? And above all: could there be other, more effective and less costly ways of taking action, even if it means challenging vested interests and established industrial models?

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