Freedom of Information

Trade secret, SLAPPs, threats on whistleblowers, government transparency, corporate media… Freedom of information is under attack.

From tax evasion to pharmaceuticals, many recent scandals have demonstrated the critical role of whistleblowers, unionists and journalists in highlighting corporate abuses and bringing key issues into the public debate

Lawsuits against journalists or activists who warn about questionable corporate practices. Unprecedented extension of trade secrets. Increasing media concentration and decreasing government transparency. Freedom of information about the corporate world (and its relations with public authorities) - already quite limited - is under attack.

These new threats must be blocked. In addition, freedom of information must be strengthened through new mechanisms for accessing public documents, increased transparency and genuine protection for whistleblowers.

The increasing concentration of media (in France, in the hands of large corporations and billionaires) also needs to be addressed, as well as more generally the excessive influence of economic interests on public information, through advertising or the manipulation of public debate.

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