BNP Paribas

’Systemic’ mega-bank, funder of controversial industries, facilitator of speculation and tax avoidance... A financial giant at the centre of criticism.

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  • 1st of banking in Europe
  • N° 8 of banking globally
  • Website
  • Headquarters 16, boulevard des Italiens, Paris
  • Leadership Jean-Laurent Bonnaffé (CEO), Jean Lemierre (chairman of the board)
  • Shareholders Belgium via SFPI (7.8%), BlackRock (6.1%), Grand Duché du Luxembourg (1%)
  • Board members Jean Lemierre (chairman of the board), Jean-Laurent Bonnaffé (CEO), Jacques Aschenbroich (Valeo), Juliette Brisac (shareholding workers representatives), Pierre-André de Chalendar (Saint-Gobain), Monique Cohen (Apax Partners), Wouter De Ploey (ZNA), Hugues Epaillard (workers representative), Rajna Gibson Brandon (Professor of Finance), Marion Guillou (administrator of companies), Christian Noyer (former governor of Banque de France), Daniela Schwarzer (Open Society), Michel Tilmant (administrator of companies), Sandrine Verrier (workers representative), Fields Wicker-Miurin (administrator of companies)
  • Key subsidiaries BNP Paribas Asset Management, Hello bank!, BNP Paribas Fortis, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, BNP Paribas Cardif, Cetelem
  • Former names and companies absorbed Banque nationale populaire, Paribas, Comptoir national d’escompte de Paris, Banque nationale pour le commerce et l’industrie
  • Main countries France, Belgium, Italy, United States, Switzerland, Luxembourg

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