Training & Services

Journalists, officials and other decision-makers, activists, unionists, analysts, concerned citizens... Observatoire des multinationales is here to help - within the limits of its capacity - all those who need independent information on corporations and other other economic players they are directly or indirectly confronted with.

If you are looking for information, if you have a question or a doubt, do not hesitate to contact us . We will try to find ways to meet your needs.

Tools & Training

More generally, Observatoire des multinationales strives to develop tools and resources and collect data, and make it available to all.This is the case, for example, of the data published in the "CAC40: le véritable bilan annuel".

We also regularly organise training sessions of varying duration and designed for different audiences on the methods, sources and tools for investigating corporations, their finances or their political influence.

Sale of services

Occasionally, Observatoire des multinationales provides paid services to nonprofit organisations, elected officials or other parties in its areas of expertise and in line with its values.

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